Always Remember Leonardo Notarbartolo

Another event has been passed. This time only 3 players has participated this event:

Luq B1, caninski_jen and MolhoQuente.

Who won this event? Luq B1!

Congrats Luq!! You always shall be remembered as Leonardo Notarbartolo :)

Speaking of him.. who was he anyways?


Leonardo Notarbartolo Pulled Off the Largest Diamond Heist in History

Leonardo Notarbartolo is famous for stealing $100m in diamonds - the largest diamond heist ever committed - from the Antwerp Diamond Center. The facility's security measures are intense: the vault is secured by a lock with one hundred million combinations, and is also equipped with a seismic alarm, infrared sensors, an electromagnetic lock, and requires a key almost three feet long to turn the massive deadbolts of the vault door.

Originally, Notarbartolo declared that the place would be impossible to rob when he was paid 100,000 Euros by a client to scope out the place in 2001. Five months later, Notarbartolo was contacted by the same client and instructed to meet in an abandoned warehouse. In a scene straight out of Ocean's Eleven, when Notarbartolo arrived, he found himself standing in an exact replica of the Diamond Center's vault, where his client outlined the plan to rob the place. Notarbartolo agreed to the heist.

As part of the operation, Notarbartolo had a security box at the Center, and on one of his regular visits he managed to install a hidden camera, which recorded the guard entering the code for the vault door. Right before the robbery, he managed to spray the vault's infrared sensor with a thin coating of hair spray, temporarily knocking it out of commission. The electromagnetic lock was duped by a custom-made aluminum block which the thieves placed on the side of the vault door, allowing them to remove the door without breaking the circuit.

Ultimately, however, this cunning heist was foiled by a single mistake. Notarbartolo wanted to burn the evidence, but his accomplice, a getaway driver named Speedy, insisted that they dump it immediately, and the pair was spotted by a property owner who reported them for illegal dumping. When the police investigated, they found the bags used in the jewelry heist, as well as a half-eaten sandwich covered in Notarbartolo's DNA. The police subsequently raided his house and found seventeen diamonds. He was sentenced to ten years in prison and is now out on parole.

In an interview with Wired, Notarbartolo claimed that the gang only stole $20m, and the other $80m was claimed as part of an insurance scam. No evidence of this has been found, and only a fraction of the loot has been recovered.

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